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You REALLY want to watch your favorite UFC 160 fighters discuss the TRT issue

You REALLY want to watch your favorite UFC 160 fighters discussing the TRT issue

Personally, I think all fighters should be able to utilize all performance enhancing substances to increase the longevity of their career. It would eliminate drug-testing and increase the probability that each fighter would possess a cartoon-like physique before entering the cage. Freakishly-large muscles equates to higher viewership for MMA, which would also result in fighters getting one step closer to those boxing paydays that guys like Floyd Mayweather (the greatest boxer of our generation) are accustomed to. However it's not what I think, but what they think. They, of course, being the Nevada State Athletic Commission -- and commissions across the world.

@LayzieTheSavage walked around with his camera and pried into the lives of your favorite UFC 160 fighters to get their take on testosterone replacement therapy and marijuana. One substance is indigenous to our planet, the other is -- well I'm not sure where artificial testosterone comes from. Maybe it originates from the strands of Don Frye's mustache when properly squeezed for long periods of time. Testosterone replacement therapy is playing Golden Axe without using any continues.

You've undoubtedly seen our first series of UFC 160 fighters discussing marijuana in MMA. Now check out this series of those same fighters discussing the TRT issue within mixed martial arts.

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