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This is what the new UFC glove will look like...

This is what the new UFC glove will look like...

At a media scrum shortly following the UFC 160 press conference, Dana White addressed a potpourri of questions today -- all of which revolved around Jacob Volkmann talking smack about UFC, Mark Hunt's success story, Vitor Belfort on TRT, and of course Nick Diaz's upcoming promotion. We'll probably have a video of the entire press scrum later tonight, so just hang tight. However the most intriguing thing said by Dana White was that the UFC was in fact redesigning the current gloves to prevent eye pokes, and according to Dana White 'they will look like the Shooto gloves, just more rounded.'

Interesting choice, however we're concerned the weight of the gloves may be slightly increased. That is, unless ZUFFA strips a little padding from the traditional Shooto gloves. These things could actually work within the Octagon, still providing the mobility of fingers while grappling, but preventing the common eye pokes that happen when fighters check their distance against their opponents while standing. Check out a couple pics of the Shooto glove, the model the UFC will be creating their new gloves from.

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