• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Behold: The worst MMA fight ever!

This fight. My god, this 'fight.' Sure, you could give the guy props for even getting in the ring, as that seems to be the watermark of success for so many keyboard warriors, but stepping into the ring and flopping around then tapping to a sprawl... That's like the most beautiful and disease-free human you've ever seen saying they want to kiss you and you pat them on their shoulder and sprint away. That's like getting handed the Xbox 720 controller at a secret event and kind of thumbing the analog sticks aimlessly then handing it back to the confused PR dude with the dirty glasses that's running the demo.

This guy tapped to a sprawl!

Why did this fight even happen? And how is MMeh finding these horribly one-sided fights? Remember 'The Beast' who got decimated by a headkick in mere seconds? Where is the Canadian Athletic Commission? We need to prove these guys are the same weight while we're at it.

2nd worst title shot this year.

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