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Fabricio Werdum wants to personally invite you to watch him fight Big Nog

Fabricio Werdum wants to personally invite you to watch him fight Big Nog

Vai Cavalo and Minotaruo -- these Brazilians and their tendency to be named after hoofed creatures are inescapable. I bet if minotaurs were actual creatures, Alistair Overeem would proudly eat the meat from it, lightly grilled over an open fire. Minotaur meat, the most elusive red meat in the world. It only exists in mythological stories and can only be cooked on mythological grills and consumed with fantasy steak knives. You also need a twenty-sided dice and a pocket protector to handle it.

From what numerous people have told me over the months, the UFC's first incarnation of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil was absolutely stunning. It was filled with amazing knockouts, beautiful submissions -- and above all else, the absolute manhandling of Britney Palmer. Although I haven't seen more than one episode of this season's TUF Brazil 2 between Werdum and Big Nog, I caught every episode of last year's TUF Smashes: Australia vs. UK. There's just something appealing about viewing mixed martial arts on an international front. In fact, let's remove TUF from the states and just implant it in regions across the world that are notorious for their obscure behavior -- like Russia.

On June 8th Werdum and Big Nog will stop inside of an Octagon, the two greatest heavyweight jiu-jitsu players in the UFC -- and they'll probably stand for fifteen minutes. That's just what happens when two amazing grapplers get in the cage that are over 185 lbs. Check out this Aaron Tru video of Werdum personally inviting the world to watch him take on Big Nog at the TUF Brazil 2 finale which will air on Fuel TV next month.

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