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It looks like Cat Zingano has joined Blackhouse

It looks like Cat Zingano has joined Blackhouse

They must be feeding seismic waves to those guys at Blackhouse. The most elusive gym in MMA has held more belts than a soccer mom on the Atkins Diet. In short, Blackhouse is stomping its foot in MMA and no one knows where it is. Actually, a few people do, but there's little to no chance that you will be able to train there. The best any of us can do is mention that it's located somewhere in Southern California. @scottiemc2 knows where it's at, but he's not telling anyone. He's too busy making stop-motion video of plastic bunnies coming out of his shorts, farting, then descending back in his shorts.

Now it appears Cat Zingano has joined Blackhouse in an attempt to gain a large, metallic belt that undoubtedly doesn't color-coordinate with anything in her wardrobe. Check out this screen cap of Cat Zingano's profile from the gym that is host to more champions than the Justice League of America.

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