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Dude in the audience steps up to fight on a day's notice, this is what happened...

Dude in the audience steps up to fight on a day's notice, this is what happened...

We have to give it to this guy. There's not a single person on this universe that would be a spectator at a weigh-in and then step up to fight in a professional MMA bout on a day's notice! Tyler Lepper is a king amongst men. We should erect a bronze statue in this guy's honor. No weight cutting. No training. Not even a chance to do research on your opponent. This Lepper guy can check this unbelievable task off his bucket list.

So the story behind this video is at Gionco International's 'Fight at the View XIII,' Mike LaPierre's original opponent stepped on the scale 20lbs under weight. LaPierre's opponent declined to fight him, and Tyler Lepper literally hopped on the stage and saved the bout by stepping in to fight him. Folks, Tyler Lepper would have saved UFC 151.

Check out the clip from the spectacular fight and props to the MMeh Show for the find.


-1 # True 2013-08-28 07:01
MiddleEasy you're an idiot and the promoters are idiots. Tyler has no fighting experience, according to his younger bother, and could seriously get hurt. There is no place in MMA for untrained fighters.
0 # Lepperhimself 2013-12-04 12:37
okay I think you all need to have a work with Lapierre there is a whole backstory to this I took that fight with 0 notice..yes. 20 pounds underweight i also was. A spectator i was not it happened to be my teammate Tyler Munro from Fight Team 604 that backed out and Trained I was not for that particular fight and to username #True your going to listen to what my younger brother says? and as for getting hurt yeah who doesnt risk being hurt in hand to hand combat? I have since trained and now have 2 fights under my belt. and as for doing that fight yes i orginally did it because i got paid to save the fight and took it way better than any other untrained guy so before you go off saying middleeasy is an idiot and im just some low-level untrained fighter it's hard to talk bullshit when you havent even gone in once i have twice and got a 3rd one and i give BlackBox MMA all the credit in the world for what i know
0 # Lepperhimself 2013-12-04 12:38
**word with Lapierre he straightened out the whole story all over youtube

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