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Russia had their first Street Fight Championship inside of a football stadium, and it was friggin' amazing

Russia had their first Street Fighting Championship inside of a football stadium, and it was friggin' amazing

We love everything about Arrows MMA in Russia. It's from the same guys that brought you Tron MMA back in 2011 and of course that infamous fight between a hair dresser and a teacher that took place on sand with a make-shift yellow rope arena. The winner of that fight got a case of energy drink. Seriously, we can't make this stuff up. Here's the company's official statement, which by itself is soaked in a pool of awesome.

Arrows Street Fight Championships" by ThronesMMA started in 2011 in St.Petersburg, Russia as a revolutionary concept in MMA where virtually any amatur fighter can participate in. Each participant is checked in advance to be fit and in good condition by medical panel, and a matchmaking panel selects compatible opponents. Amature fighters of all ages and social groups show off their skills which turnes to be incredibly entertaining to watch. Each fighter comes with a real life story. A local dentist faces off with an accountant. A bum beats up an ex-cop! Incredible action! Another unique aspect of Arrows Street Fight is a sand box instead of a ring or an octagon. This is the real deal! There are no rounds, you fight to the end! Each bout is managed by a professional referee and a panel of judges. You have never seen MMA like this!

They even have an iPhone app that's filled with this stuff. Arrows MMA finally had their highly anticipated Street Fight Championship which they held in the middle of a football stadium without any barriers. Time limits? No way. In reality, this is actually what Rorion Gracie wanted back when he created the UFC -- except he believed the sport didn't need any refs and fighters would stop the fight naturally if their opponent was unconscious. Yeah, that's a stretch.

Check out what you all came here to watch, the Arrows MMA Street Fight Championship between heavyweights Anton 'Toha' Pacykevich and Roman 'Swarog' Ivanov.

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