• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

This slugfest will end in one of the best knockouts you'll see all week, we promise

Sometimes it's nice to see a regional heavyweight championship fight play out like two dudes button-mashing EA MMA after downing a couple cans of Nos, and that's exactly what we have here. XFP 3 set up their cage in what looks like a festive location that celebrates multiple beliefs around the holidays and placed Mark Jahad and Wayne Johnson (which could be the most manly name ever) in front of each other then said "go." What comes of this is a wild brawl that literally made me spill my organic Honey Crunch 'N Oats cereal all over my lap a few minutes ago. Now the corn flake chips are stuck to my pajama pants because rather than clean myself I wrote this article. I'm a mess. The milk was cold. Was.

Watch this. If you don't exclaim 'Ohhhhhhhh' by the end of the fight, I will never share my delicious cereal with you. Never.

Thanks to Knockoutfootage for the fight!

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