• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

A Lesson in Street MMA: The women steal the show yet again despite a near post-fight riot

In 2013, Street MMA events no longer have a cameraman, commentating team, crew or coaches -- almost everyone simultaneously plays all of those roles. Take this latest Street MMA match for example: the entire crowd is getting footage while cheering and coaching both girls through the fight. If it's anything, it's impressive. I guess.

These two ladies apparently have beef over a mean "comment" someone made, seemingly on some sort of social media platform, which clearly has the crowd/crew/coaches/matchmakers in a frenzy from the hype and build up to the match. This is a proven matchmaking device, as proved by Chael, Wanderlei and other high-level athletes, so it's no surprise they're so invested in this hard-hitting bout.

For a while this is the Leonard Garcia/Korean Zombie of female Street MMA matches, but eventually Aeropostale Girl realizes that she can use her length and switch to southpaw to leave the smaller girl baffled and unable to gain an advantage. It goes to the judges, and the post-fight celebration and interview almost devolves into a riot.

A shameful display marring what was otherwise a good display of Street MMA. Sometimes these things happen.


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