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Wow Chris Camozzi is stepping in to face Jacare at UFC on FX8!

If the UFC on FX 8 fight card was a ladder and the bottom was the place where all the UFC fighters who aren't scheduled to fight on the card are hanging out, then that's where Chris Camozzi was just a few weeks ago. He wasn't even scheduled to fight on the upcoming May 18th card, but then CB Dolloway was pulled from the card and the UFC called on Camozzi to face Cezar Ferreria. That's one step up on the ladder.Just a few days after that, Ferreria was injured and pulled from the fight and Rafael Natal was signed to replace him and face Camozzi. Camozzi is still standing on the ladder waiting his turn to fight.

Fast forward to this morning when yet another injury takes its toll on the UFC on FX 8 card. This time, Jacare de Souza's opponent-Costa Phillipou has suffered an injury and can't fight. With the card just a couple of weeks away and the co-main event now in jeopardy as well as a highly anticipated debut fight for the former Strikeforce star Jacare-the UFC decided to play one more round of fight card musical chairs and moved Camozzi up yet another rung on the fight card ladder to face Jacare De Souza in the co-main event. The announcement of the fight change was made at around 11 am EST this morning via the @UFC_Brasil twitter account. That's like skipping a couple of rungs on the ladder and almost reaching the very top. Camozzi must be riding around town today singing "started from the bottom, now we here." at the top of his lungs. Congrats to him and what a fight this one should be. UFC on FX 8 goes down May 18th live on FX from Brazil at 9PM EST/6PM PT.

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