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Have your arteries clogged with the official 'Bones Jones' sandwich

Have your arteries clogged with the official 'Bones Jones' sandwich

In a perfect world, one bite of the official Jon Jones sandwich should render you unconscious within three minutes. Upon waking up, the sandwich would regenerate itself and then hold you up at elbow-point for your lunch money. That's the nature of a true Bones Jones sandwich. Technically, calling it a 'fist sandwich' would be more appropriate. We're not sure who would have the courage to order it from their deli and then make a conscious decision eat it -- but to each his/her own. It's not our place to judge where or when you want to get knocked out. It's 2013, your body is yours -- we aren't conservative republicans over here at MiddleEasy.

Epic Deli has created the ultimate artery clogger in honor of Jon Jones' victory of Chael Sonnen last weekend at UFC 159. We're not going to give all the ingredients away, but there's three types of meat, fried macaroni and cheese -- and surprisingly no bones inside the sandwich. Check it out and props to @Kneebarbuffet for the find and our bud Kyle Hase for the banner illustration.

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