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It's time to watch the greatest body slam KO you will see this entire year

It's time to watch the greatest body slam KO you will see this entire year

If any of you watch Homeland, then you'll know that at the end of last season the government just put a 'Brodyslam' on the main character. Man, that's really hilarious if you've locked yourself in your living room one weekend and watched every episode of Homeland due to an incredible amount of peer pressure. It's a pretty good show, but like all most guys that never lost their virginity in high school, the show needs more scenes of Morena Baccarin topless. That's the only way Homeland can be a valid portrayal of terrorism in the United States of America -- more Morena Baccarin. Without an influx of topless scenes from Baccarin, then the terrorists will win -- and as a nation we don't want that.

Damn, here I am again trying to discuss MMA only to be distracted by my fleeting thoughts of a lead female in a character driven cable drama. I should go to the doctor for the disorder. In the meantime, check out this brilliant body slam KO from Anderson 'Adele' Ramos in Hawk Fight Championship -- which is also the greatest name for an MMA promotion in the history of MMA promotions.

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