• Written by LayzieTheSavage and Jason Nawara

We talked to Uriah Hall about TUF 17, thrown fights and 5 round TUF finales

My first encounter with Uriah Hall involved the middleweight stubbing his toe on my shoe as he walked to the locker room. This was not my fault, although I will raise my hand and take the blame. When he stubbed his toe, Uriah flashed a scary look in my direction and growled 'you better watch out' to which I replied, 'I will never hurt you more than I just did right there.' Uriah burst out laughing, I smiled, and the thoughts of having to escape the gym with my face-bones intact became a little less of a pressing reality.

Uriah Hall is a ridiculously nice human-being. Borderline jolly. In my opinion, no one who is this nice should be able to do damage with his bare hands like he does, but it's this juxtaposition of his bubbly personality and his skills in the cage that make for a fascinating interview.

A week after his loss to Kelvin Gustalem in the TUF 17 finale, we sat down with Uriah to discuss that fight, why no one is giving Kelvin any props, if TUF finale fights should be five rounds, and a host of other subjects (including the ridiculous notion that he threw the fight).

It's a good one.

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