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Conor McGregor looks like a 19th century physician in this newly released video

Conor McGregor looks like a 19th century doctor in this newly released video

Upon writing this article I decided to do a little half-assed research on the 19th century medical industry and found this little tidbit regarding the public's perception of doctors during the Victorian era:

Doctors and physicians occupied the highest rung on the social ladder. Such citizens were considered gentleman because 1) their training did not include apprenticeship and 2) the profession excluded, supposedly, manual labor. Doctors were permitted to dine with the family during home visits, while other practitioners took dinner with the servants. A physician’s fee was wrapped and placed nearby, for theoretically gentleman did not accept money for their work.

Actually, calling Conor McGregor a Victorian-era doctor would be the highest compliment back in the 19th century. However, in 2013 -- McGregor is hipster. It's true, just think about it. Eating a sheep's head in Iceland is such an ironic thing to do. Now watch this video ripped by SevereMMA of Conor McGregor appearing on Ireland's 'The Late, Late Show,' which ironically comes on super early in America.

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