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It's nice to know that Peruvian Street MMA has excellent production values

It's nice to know that Peruvian Street MMA has excellent production values

For a while there, we were so inundated with Street MMA we bagan to have late night discussions that delved into comparing the possible downfall of civilization to the increase of camera phones across the globe. It was very Freakonomics, and we were feeling great about our ven diagrams and fancy charts drawn on the white board in the office. If you can imagine a debate Woodward and Bernstein would have in their offices late at night fueled by energy drinks and self-loathing, you have a good idea of how a MiddleEasy deliberation plays out. Alas, the debate was short-lived, because someone brushed up against our accumulated data (someone who still hasn't come forward and admitted to what they did), and we're just too lazy to recreate all 15 minutes of our work.

Then, all was quiet on the Street MMA front for a few weeks, until this Peruvian clash came across our desks.

They say styles make fights, and this battle between the grappler in the jean shorts and the striker in the plaid shorts proves it. Another thing that makes a good fight great? Great production values and rickshaws rolling through the ring -- something this fight has plenty of.

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