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Oh wow, we have a Shane Carwin sighting ladies and gentlemen

Oh wow, we have a Shane Carwin sighting ladies and gentlemen

It feels like the last time we saw Shane Carwin inside the Octagon the woman's suffrage movement was at its peak and the Jersey City boardwalk was home to illegal alcohol distribution. Good job Shane. That'll teach those weight plates for talking smack. Inanimate objects always tend to act up, and if unchecked, they will eventually wreck your homes and raid your refrigerators at night. You can't let that happen. No one should let that happen. Let these inanimate objects know who's boss. Beat the hell out of everything in your apartment as soon as possible. Door frame looking at you funny when you walk through it? Drop kick it a few times, put the pain on it. Soccer kick your rug, catch your floor-standing lamp in a rear-naked choke. Basically, destroy every inanimate object you have, just like Shane Carwin destroys 425 lbs benchpressing with ease in this video. Hey, it's a Shane Carwin sighting in 2013, be happy! Dude is more elusive than Big Foot at this point.

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