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Wow, Cody Mckenzie has to cut 40 lbs before UFC 159

Wow, Cody Mckenzie has to cut 40 lbs before UFC 159

There's this animated .gif floating around the interwebs of Cody McKenzie awkwardly running up to a camera with the words 'S*** just got real.' I'm sure someone will post it in the comment section below, but be warned that the rest of my day will most likely result in me paralyzed in laughter on my floor. It's the perfect blend of comedy blended with a blanket of unexpected curiosity. Why is he running? More importantly, what is he running away from? Now that Cody McKenzie is touching up his stand-up with Ronda Rousey's striking coach, I'm sure he could right hook whatever imaginary monster he's running away from.

It's hard to imagine that UFC 159: Sonnen vs. Jones is just eighteen days away. The world will finally see if Sonnen will place Jones on his back and win a definitive decision to be the light heavyweight champion -- or if he'll lose and get a third title shot against Anderson Silva. We will also see Cody Mckenzie cut 40 lbs to fight Leonard Garcia, otherwise known as The Mexican Zombie. Yes, 40 lbs in one month. If Mckenzie does pull off this miraculously feat, the guy can make bank by holding seminars for Hollywood actresses that have body-images issues. Check out Cody Mckenzie talking about his on-going weight cut in this clip.

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