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LiverKick | Gokhan Saki levels Daniel Ghita, moves on to fight Semmy Schilt

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Today at Glory 6 Istanbul two of the top Heavyweights in the world, Daniel Ghita and Gokhan Saki, stepped into the ring for the second time in a rematch that we've been waiting for since 2010 and did not disappoint. There was a lot riding on this fight as the winner is promised a shot at Semmy Schilt and his GLORY Heavyweight Championship with both men looking to be top contenders.

The fight started out a little rough, as Gokhan Saki caught a kick from Ghita, backed him up and threw him to the mat with a sweep. Usually a sweep is inconsequential, but in this case, Ghita landed hard, looking to be injured. According to Glory's official rules, leg sweeps and trips are illegal moves and should thusly be counted as such. Instead, referee Joop Ubeda counted it as a down as Ghita took a while to get to his feet and Ghita never looked the same after that.


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