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Rin Nakai looks like she's been kidnapped and held for ransom in this MMA workout video

It's not easy being the Queen of Pancrase, especially when it looks like you were forced to work out in a sketchy basement that was converted into a gym. The next thing we know some lotion might be lowered down to her in a basket after she gets soaked by a hose. Nah, what am I thinking, if anyone tried to take Rin Nakai hostage they would be uchi mata'd faster than they could say 'rockin' bod, want to come to my -- oof!' Down on the floor they would be, looking up at the voluptuous Japanese judoka with awe and just a little more in love.

As you watch this short documentary on Rin's training regime, we want to remind you that this 135'er is undefeated at 13-0-1, she's pretty flexible, and she has some nice triceps. Real nice. Her elbows are slightly pointy though.

Thanks to McKinely Noble for the tip!

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