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We've never seen someone run this fast from Melvin Manhoef

We've never seen some one run this fast from Melvin Manhoef

Funny story, Jason Nawara and I were up late last night/early morning on Xbox 360 talking about how stoked we were for this event, I told him that I was going to 'rest my eyes' until ONE FC began to air -- then I woke up at 10 am with a press release sent from the promotion of the results of the card. We've all been there, MMA fans. Your intentions to stay up late for an Asian event were pure and noble, but sleep just gets the best of you. It's important to note the term 'rest my eyes' almost always mean that you're going to wake up five hours later with drool streaming down your chin.

Fortunately our bud Zprophet used his insomnia well and captured the event in .gif format. So we have some good news and bad news -- which one do you want first? Bad news? Alright, Melvin Manhoef lost against Brock Larson at ONE FC. Yeah, we though it would never happen either. Now the good news is that this moment actually happened inside the ONE FC cage. Somewhere out there Kalib Starnes is blushing.

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