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Ryo Chonan thinks everyone complaining about the 'Rising Sun' on GSP's gi is an idiot

Ryo Chonan thinks everyone complaining about the 'Rising Sun' on GSP's gi is an idiot

Ryo Chonan is really the last guy that beat Anderson Silva. He caught him with an insane flying scissor heel hook that had Silva smacking the mat immediately. We can't really count Yushin Okami's victory over Anderson Silva because it came by way of disqualification from an illegal kick in the first round (Silva didn't even get a warning). When we interviewed King Mo he told us that when he trains with Ryo Chonan, he calls him Okama-san. Apparently Okama-San means 'Mr.Gay' and King Mo told us that it's a big insult in Japanese culture. At the end of the interview, King Mo also gave a shout-out to his friend Daywalker in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area. I asked King Mo if we encountered Daywalker, what should we tell him. He simply said 'Tell him to start training.'

Chonan recently made a statement regarding The Korean Zombie's open letter to GSP about his use of the 'Rising Sun' on his walk-out gi. If you're under the impression that Chonan is sympathetic to Jung's cause, then you're probably going to not like this statement from Ryo, by way of Samurai Life.

All the people complaining about the Rising Sun flag is an idiot. Learn history! Even though that might be too much for you idiots.

I don’t care about the comfort women (girls and women essentially held captive in a life of enforced prostitution in the Imperial Japanese Army), go make more statues in Korea. Japan is too busy.

There is a lot of exaggerations and anti-Japanese education in regards to Japanese involvement in World War II.

Japan actually helped Korea and made it a developed country. Also when Japan was there Korea was not divided between North and South.

Strong words from the Anderson Silva slayer. It would be interesting to see who teaches these 'anti-Japanese' educational classes that Ryo Chonan mentions. Those professors probably live somewhere in Dallas, TX.

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