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Wow, we have our THIRD double KO this month! Check it out!

Wow, we have our THIRD double KO this month! Check it out!

It was Carl Jung that said 'Improbability occurs on such a consistent basis that it has become a probability.' Terence McKenna had a similar belief, but he called it the 'strange attractor at the end of time.' Essentially, he claims the closer we get to the end of time, we will see a higher probability of improbable events. If we are nearing towards the end of the universe, then let's hope we'll be able to witness the world's first triple knockout -- the ref included. We think Gilbert Yvel may need to be in on this. That's right, a Gilbert Yvel reference in 2013. Beat that.

First we had the double-KO during a California amateur event on March 10th then we dropped a second double-KO just a couple days ago on March 17th. Now we're delivering a third double-KO, compliments of MMA The Zone. The fight between Kerwin Sherrill vs. Derek Thompson went down at an event called MCF 6 at the D&N Event Center in North Platte Nebraska.

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