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Here's your new Nick Diaz vs. Georges St. Pierre comic of the day

Here's your new Nick Diaz vs. Georges St. Pierre cartoon of the day

One should not focus too much on the fact that in just a few days, Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz will be locked inside a cage in a match for UFC welterweight supremacy. If one dwells on it too much, anxiety may occur and we're not down with dealing with senseless panic attacks. At MiddleEasy, we like to keep our lives as stress-free as possible. We don't even wear underwear. No one has told us that we're adults and we need to lead responsible lives. We go through life like it's our playground, and every day is recess. That's why we find this comic of Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre created by Ali Redt somewhat hilarious, and you probably will too if you're as bored as us.


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