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Blast to the Past: With Shogun/ Lil' Nog 2 official for UFC 161, let's watch their first epic battle

If it were up to me, we would have Gary LaPlante record an audio commentary over the Pride Middleweight GP Quarterfinal between Shogun Rua and Rogerio Noguiera. Sure, most of the commentary would be Gary grunting at the non-stop action between the two legends mixed in with the crinkling of his Baconator wrappers collecting beside him, but there would be some serious insight into the Chute Boxe/Brazilian Top Team wars that took place in Pride years ago. However, if we were to redub the audio we would probably get sued, and I'm not sure what falls under fair use, so I'd rather rewatch Shogun/Lil Nog 1 in honor of their UFC 161 rematch than research vague copyright laws. Here's what Gary thinks about this fight in a more legal way.

With a Google of the definition of the word violence, the first result is as followed: Violence - Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. That’s what this fight was, it was violence personified in possibly the most violent tournament in the history of MMA. This fight created so many memorable moments that are forever scarred into my psyche. To this day, I still squeal like a child when I see Shogun flying with his right hand cocked back going directly into Lil Nog’s guard. This fight is part of the reason why I’ll only stop chanting Pride Never Die when I’m six feet under.

Remember: Rewatching Shogun/Lil' Nog 1 is always a good usage of time. Please take a Blast to the Past and watch one of the best fights of 2005 right here in it's entirety (with entrances).

Shogun and Little Nog from Ace Rockolla on Vimeo.

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