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Aleksander Emelianenko demanded liquor, tried to fight passengers, smoked in an airplane, resulting in a fine of $22

Aleksander Emelianenko demanded liquor, tried to fight passengers, smoked in an airplane and was fined $22

When someone can venture in a Russian forest to hunt a grizzly bear with a fork, special rules need to be applied if that same person decides to compete in an MMA bout. It's the only way to level the playing field amongst human beings that aren't genetically predisposed to owning reality. It's already established that Aleksander has the power to distort the space-time continuum and can knock people out just by thinking about. In fact, Aleksander's telepathy is so powerful that he's even forced people into retirement without landing a single strike. Whenever he's not bending Dr. Levinson's time equations, Alek likes to cause absolute ruckus on passenger planes. Check out this report from R-Sport regarding an incident that occurred yesterday.

Alexander Emelianenko has been fined after pleading guilty to harassing passengers and crew on an airplane, Russian prosecutors said Monday.

A video of the incident spread quickly on the Internet. In the clip, Emelianenko appears to be drunk as he scuffles with passengers and crew.

“During the flight, the renowned athlete caused a breach of public order, spoke loudly, molested passengers, provoked them into fights, did not react to remarks from the cabin crew, demanded liquor, used foul language, smoked in the airplane,” Barnaul transport prosecutors said in a statement issued to media.

Emelianenko, 31, admitted a low-level hooliganism charge and was fined 700 rubles ($22.70), prosecutors said.

Four days after the incident on the flight, the M1 Global MMA promotion canceled its contract with the fighter, with president Vadim Finkelstein citing numerous breaches of contract on the part of Emelianenko.

Hours after M1 Global’s decision, Emelianenko said he would retire.

Just another day in the life of Aleksander Emelianenko. Heck, we probably have enough material to do a 'Top Ten Stories on Written on MiddleEasy about Aleksander Emelianenko' if you guys are up for another feature.

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