• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Wow, this guy gets knocked out twice by two overhand rights before he hits the ground

You can't take two overhand rights to the dome in quick succession from Jamie Klair, that is the lesson to be learned on this day. That, and maybe that Jamie Klair is a name to remember when you need tag the hulking monster in your nightmares. I've watched thousands of fights, and I've only felt 'bad' for a few dudes in the cage.

I felt bad for Jamie Klair's opponent in this video, for all 3-5 seconds he was conscious (a generous estimation).

This is the closest the MMA world will ever come to 'juggling,' a technique used in a variety of fighting games to keep an opponent aloft and unable to return damage. In fighting games - you have a chance to come back - in life and in the cage, I don't think we've ever seen someone recover. If this knockout performed like a beefy Justin Wong didn't come to us out of St. Paul, Minnesota on February 1st, we could've sworn this was footage of EA MMA. Damn!

Props to KnockoutFootage for bringing this to our attention. You should really follow him on Twitter.

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