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Anderson Silva throws some ballerish parties

Before today, I had no idea you could major in Muay Thai.  Luckily for most everyone I know, Anderson Silva built an entire college for people like you.  It’s time to take out more student loans, return to school, and take lessons from Anderson Silva on how to make the best fighters in the UFC look like they’re light-years behind you in the rankings.  As most infomercials and advertisements for anything fitness related are concerned: Success not guaranteed, results may vary… But that’s not to say that you can’t become the next prodigy and run through everyone you’ve ever faced in the UFC if you stop everything you’re doing and make MMA your life.  Your chances would improve drastically by learning how to do it directly from Anderson Silva in Torrance, California at his new academy too!

If you’re still on the fence about joining, check out the behind the scenes look of their grand opening, courtesy of MMA Heat, and stop pretending like you don’t wish you were hanging out with Ando and all his friends.

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