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Aww shizz! DFW says if Jose Aldo beats Pettis in August he will immediately get a lightweight title shot

That's it. I am now positive that the reason the world didn't actually implode and end like the Mayan calendar supposedly predicted is because what actually happened was a universal timeline shift and all things UFC 2013 have migrated over to a tangent universe spiraling further and further away from the real universe. First it was the whole Overeem Dos Santos Velaquez Siilva thing that turned out more like a random game of musical title shot chairs than most of us MMA heads ever expected. This UFC stuff has clearly pushed us into an alternate reality. Now we've got this Anthony Pettis and Jose Aldo titleshot switch-er-roo thing going down as even more supporting evidence.

Monday, Dana F White (whom I will lovingly refer to as DFW from this point forward) exclaimed to the world that Jose Aldo will now get an immediate lightweight title shot *if* he should be victorious over Anthony Pettis in August. this means the current UFC featherweight champ, could potentially also be the current UFC lightweight champ if he beats Pettis and then moves on to beat the winner of Melendez vs Henderson for the lightweight title.

If we switch scenarios though, this could also mean Pettis who ended his WEC career and entered into the UFC as the WEC lightweight champion could beat Aldo and gain the UFC featherweight title and then he could be awarded a title shot against the winner of Melendez vs Henderson and also potentially be both the Featherweight and Lightweight champion. What's even more mind-bending in this whole weight class musical chairs game is Aldo was featherweight champ in the WEC and Pettis was Lightweight champ in the WEC when the organization met its Armageddon and dissolved into the UFC universe. It's as though the two overlords of different societies within the WEC universe have met in this alternate UFC universe to battle it out for ultimate ruler supremacy.

Stop right there and let your mind marinate over how utterly astonishing all of this is. You're going to need a moment. Relax, drink your morning coffee, eat your frosted flakes and absorb and meditate on that information and then go tranquilly on with your day excited for your new UFC loving reality. Namaste. [Source]

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