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Check out Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during UFC 157

Check out Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during UFC 157

This edition of 'Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy' is historic because this is the first time we've ever featured women on the banner picture. It's also the first time we've released a SPTM on February 25th. That's pretty historic. This is also the first time I've typed a sentence while holding a bottle of French's Classic Yellow Mustard in one hand. Beat that. Oh, you won by armbar in an extraordinary women's match-up? Alright, everyone except Ronda Rousey beat that. See, you can't. Well, aside from the winner of this Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during UFC 157, @Spencifer. We praise your ability to be clever through the use of 140 characters or less.

You guys stepped it up last weekend, and if we could give two awards for UFC 157 then we probably would. Technically we could, but we won't because it devalues the nature of the 'Tweet of the Night' honor. Enjoy.

Tweet of the night from UFC 157

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