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WHOA! Ben Saunders just kicked Raul Amaya in the head and induced Ragdoll physics videogame-style

A generation of gamers were introduced to Ragdoll physics in a little game called Halo: Combat Evolved, but astute technology dorks will remember 1997 being the year that it took an hour to download this fancy demo of the procedural animation. From there the technology grew into the more advanced Euphoria engine, promising the best physics to date. The only annoying thing was: No one ever really fell like a rag doll like that in real life. Not unless they were being hit by a car or something. Man, Ragdoll physics are lame sometimes. Knees bend backwards, strange yoga positions are attained in the middle of firefights... All via this supposed miracle technology.

Then Ben Saunders KO'd Raul Amaya and I shut my stupid mouth.

Click 'Read More' for the GIF that's acting fussy/not working at all.

Ben Saunders is here to remind you that Jon Fitch is not in the Bellator welterweight tournament that the Killa B has made the finals of twice, he is. Saunders just delivered a reminder to the world that his arsenal of weapons could fill a fairly large-sized walk-in closet depending on how well his weapons were arranged. Since getting dumped from the UFC after back to back losses to Fitch and Dennis Hallman, Saunders has gone on a yellow and black-streaked tear through Bellator's deepest division, going 7-2 over the last 22 months and snatching up wins in a variety of entertaining manners.

Now he will face the winner of Bryan Baker and Douglas Lima, the only men who have beaten him inside the Bellator cage.

Props to Zprophet for the GIF.

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