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Melvin Manhoef says he's the greatest striker in MMA, and it's hard to disagree with him

Melvin Manhoef says he's the greatest strike in MMA

This weekend I will mostly likely still be configured in relatively the same position on this sofa in anticipation for UFC 157. There's a mini-fridge and a microwave, a half-eaten pizza on the floor and a large spear all within five feet of me. I could kill a friggin' lion and nuke it in the microwave without leaving the couch. I have nothing to worry about. The only injury I can sustain would be overextending my hamstring reaching for the last slice of this vegetarian deluxe pizza. If I were locked in the cage with a guy that has the highest KO ratio in all of MMA, my landlord would need an army of janitors to clean the crap from my pants before I climbed the fence and took the nearest taxi across the border.

Out of all of Manhoef's wins which span the career of over seventeen years, only one of his victories have come through a method other than 'absolutely mind-blowing knockout.' Manhoef even knocked out Mark Hunt, a task that not even Fedor, Overeem, Mousasi or Barnett could do -- and he did it in eighteen seconds. Technically that makes Melvin Manhoef the greatest active striker in MMA, and in an interview with Brazil's PVT, he just reiterated that fact.

You're looking at it (the best striker in MMA). I think of my 27 fights, I won 26 by knockout, something around 95%. There are many good strikers, but I cannot say now which specifically I consider good. I can say that the best is Melvin Manhoef.

We know Manhoef has been in talks with Joe Silva for nearly a year now, and thus far we still don't have every MMA fanboy's dream fight: Melvin Manhoef vs. Anderson Silva. Sorry Chris Weidman, but you can wait. You still have Tim Kennedy to get through.

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