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The Harlem Shake has invaded the MMA Elite offices with King Mo, Babalu and more getting down

What the **** is the Harlem Shake? I don't know, but what I do know is that Gangam Style or whatever is on the backburner. Now, everyone is doing this strange dance where the intensity levels rise until everyone explodes into an uncontrollable shimmy of joy. Apparently this is the greatest thing since cocaine in the 80's, because everyone in the world is doing it. Naked chicks are flopping all over the place, workplaces are being disturbed with coworkers flopping under their pantsuits and entire MMA gyms are busting out into the internet phenomenon (with a lack of floppage, they are thick, solid, tight).

It is our duty to bring this to you on MiddleEasy dot com.

In fact, it's our duty to bring you almost anything Babalu and King Mo. That's just the way it is. When we sold our souls to the devil to create a modestly popular MMA blog full of bad jokes and self-referential humor, Satan himself said we have to report on King Mo and Babalu upon command. So here we are, with the vast majority of MMA Elite fighters doing this Harlem Shake.

Thanks, Diablo.

Look at how happy Babalu is.

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