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Anderson Silva told Dana White that he could make 170 for the GSP fight, so let's watch his last welterweight bout

Could this just be another one of the Ed Soares/Anderson Silva comedy duo routines and they're just testing some new material, or is Anderson Silva really willing to drop to 170 to fight GSP? If it is true, one thing's for certain: Johny Hendricks is pissed. With UFC 158 right around the corner and the vast majority of top welterweights fighting on that card alongside the next possible contender in Hendricks... Man, just... Man. Who knows if Anderson will even want to fight GSP if he loses to Nick Diaz or anyone else in the pipeline. Is this about the belt, or is it about GSP? These are the questions someone needs to ask Ed Soares and Anderson immediately, even if the answer they give is 'Cung Le.'

Yesterday at the UFC on Fuel press conference in London, Dana White threw out this interesting little tidbit:

"Anderson would go to (welterweight), too,” “Yeah, he said he’d do it. He says he can make (170) easy. It’s insane.”

That is insane, Dana. Insane in the most rawesome definition of the word. If Anderson Silva somehow defeated GSP for the belt then went up to beat Jon Jones for the light heavyweight belt I would probably curl up in my sock drawer and sleep for days. That's how incredible that would be. But, Anderson is 38-years-old and counting...

Even if this information turns out to be a cunning ruse, we still think it's a good time to visit Anderson's last welterweight fight (at 174 pounds) vs. Yushin Okami at Rumble on the Rock back in the day (you guys know how this one ends).


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