• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

This ring card girl loves her job so much she'll do it even when she doesn't have to

This is why ring card technicians are so beloved and hard to replace - their dedication to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and their loyalty to the event they are working is unparalleled. You want an employee for life? Look no further than a ring card girl in-training. Develop her, and she will be your promotion's forever. Just make sure your ring card girl is properly trained (traned?) so she doesn't go slinking about the cage thinking it's between rounds while a man is writhing on his back in pain. He lost, dear, we don't need you now. Go wave at the audience, maybe take some pictures?

Nothing will distract this professional from her job, not even the fact that the fight is over.

Thanks to Card on the UG for the vid!

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