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LiverKick | A Review of Road to Glory: What Could Have Been Better?

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As the Road to Glory events have now begun in full swing we've been able to experience a sort of coming out party for kickboxing in the United States. With the first show of the series taking place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the second occuring yesterday in LA, we've been given a snapshot into how Glory plans to run the rest of the tournaments throughout the year.

We already know firsthand how well patriotism figures into ticket sales. Kevin Ross and the rest of the Can't Stop Crazy crew are pretty popular in California, while Randy Blake commands a sizable fan base in Oklahoma. In other countries, Mirko Cro Cop, Daniel Ghita, Badr Hari and Giorgio Petrosyan are all icons in their native lands. Plain and simple- a recognizable name and face, someone who speaks the language and represents it's people is what's going to draw fight fans into arenas and shell out money for pay per views. But while Glory's concept is solid, how well have they pulled it off?


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