• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Face the Pain is surprisingly tolerable in this UFC Japan: Silva vs. Stann promo

Was Gomi a terror in the crib when he wasn't the Fireball Kid, but just a Fireball Toddler? Few things are scarier than dealing with a fireball chuckin' 3-year-old who has poop in their pants. Luckily, Gomi's parents were able to wrangle the little fireball thrower into one of the most feared lightweights to ever come out of Japan, and we all love him dearly for his ability to throw a hadouken or some **** on a whim.

On March 3rd, Gomi meets Diego Sanchez in the Saitaima Super Arena in Japan for UFC on Fuel TV 8 - and all signs point to 'rawesome' if this promo is any indication. I want the nu-metal out of our MMA more than PEDs (it's a joke, relax) but for some reason this iteration of Face The Pain is tolerable with the Japanese voiceover. Maybe I'm just a weeaboo...

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