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Your armpits are nothing without the Super Fight League deodorant

Your armpits are nothing with Super Fight League deodorant

I love to leave an open bottle of syrup on my kitchen counter at night so I can wake up the next morning under the illusion that someone is cooking beautiful pancakes for me. When I do get out of bed, I'm usually greeted to a crew of roaches fighting for territory over the top of the syrup bottle like it was South Central LA in the early 90s. The next time this scenario goes down I would take a picture of it if I didn't live in fear that those little insects may jack my camera in the process. The bugs here in California are relentless, brutal and unforgiving -- sort of like the marketing team at Super Fight League.

We don't know what 'Har Spray Mein Punch' means, but it looks aggressive and threatening -- like Beyonce in this picture. Check out this screen cap from SFL's official page, and +100 to anyone from India that will buy a set of this stuff for us.

Your armpits are nothing with Super Fight League deodorant

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