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We asked Urijah Faber everything we possibly could in this video, check it out

We asked Urijah Faber everything we possibly could in this interview, check it out

Urijah Faber is still that guy to beat, I just don't want to nominate myself to be the guy that tries to beat him. I'll take his word for it, even when he says he's invincible. Urijah Faber fights like all of those little ninjas in the Shinobi bonus stage -- the one where you have to throw stars at them as they jump close to your screen. That's a pretty long stretch for a reference, I know. However, there has to be someone out there that remembers rocking that game at the arcade inside some skating rink back in the day.

Everyone gather around the campfire, coat your body with bug spray and open the bag of marshmallows. Let me tell you about the time when we asked Urijah Faber every question we possibly could at his signing in the Las Vegas Fight Shop. Unfortunately we forgot to ask what he thought about that Cloud Atlas movie. If his answer was anything besides 'remarkable,' then he would be lying.

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