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Watch this guy rock his opponent with his back!

Some of you never imagined that a fighter could dominate Jon Fitch in a grappling match, or knock out Overeem in a striking exchange, but we’ve all been proven wrong time and time again. To the rest of you who continue to bet on underdogs and profit from the impossible, I raise a glass of grape juice in your honor. It’s cheap grape juice; The supermarket’s brand that people buy on food stamps. It’s what happens when I can’t summon the courage to gamble as recklessly as you. If I did, I would definitely have opted for the organic kind with the fancy label. Not sure if it tastes better, but I’d be much happier knowing that I’m not supporting Monsanto’s hostile takeover of the entire planet. Blaming it on MMA isn’t really fair, it’s my own fault, but come on… What are the odds of Fitch getting Fitched, and Overeem getting reem’d all in the same weekend? Not even the Mayan scriptures saw that coming.

Wrestlers in MMA have made careers out of proving that JiuJitsu is only as useful as an opponent’s submission defense. Each week, however, we’ve been reminded that in MMA, we have to expect the unexpected. If you thought ground and pound was only useful from top position, check out Ben McGonigle proving all of us wrong at UCMMA 32.

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