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Last night Ian McCall and Joe Benavidez had an awesome fight, today there are video highlights

Ian McCall vs. Joe B. was an awesome fight. Bordering on rawesome. I'm not sure what to make of the flyweight division, but now with Dodson in the mix to fight perhaps McCall, it seems to be a shallow pool of extremely talented dudes gunning for Mighty Mouse's belt (and luckily the pool is shallow, because these guys aren't very tall (hahahahahahahahaha). But seriously, the fight was damn close, but McCall once again came up a few hairs short of a wisp in front of his eye away from beating Joseph Benavidez. Joe? It looks like he will be gearing up to take on Mighty Mouse again. And let me tell you, Joe Benavidez is pretty good at UFC 3.

Here are the highlights from last night's fantastic bout.

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