• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Vitor Belfort wants to show you a gnarly head gash he received 10 days before fighting Bisping

According to Vitor Belfort, the power of God enabled him to develop a healing factor and repair this insane head cut he received ten days prior to fighting Michael Bisping at last month's UFC on FX. The power of God -- not to be confused with the Power Cosmic, the unlimited god-like power stored by Galactus which is harnessed by the Silver Surfer. The Power Cosmic enables Galactus to deconstruct molecules, teleport entire galaxies across time and space, and create inter-dimensional portals. The power of God -- helps Vitor Belfort heal cuts on his forehead. Great.

Check out the bloodfest Belfort tweeted today regarding a nasty injury he sustained just days before knocking out Michael Bisping at UFC on FX. You can see Belfort's ancestors through that thing.

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