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Here's a video of Alistair Overeem smashing face and talking about smashing face

Unless you've been hacking your way around the internet blocking filters at work to get to Youtube and watch Alistair Overeem highlight videos all day like me, well then I'm certain you have not yet been properly nourished with the appropriate daily requirement of uberness recommended by the FDA. The amount of uber one needs to have a proper day of slacking off at work far exceeds any you thought might have been in that bowl of cocoa krispies you ate for breakfast this morning. DailyUber requirements are kind of like Black Eyed Peas-you just can't get enough. Especially in the week leading up to the return to the Octagon of the king of uberness himself-Alistair Overeem. Less than one week and The Reem will finally be back to smashing face. In honor of that and to help you get your uber requirement for the day check out this video from the UFC of Overeem talking about face smashing while highlights of him actually performing face smashing play in the background.

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