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This cartoon of the Diaz brothers being pulled over is highly accurate

Did a videogame from 1982 predict the rise of the UFC?

Cartoon Nick and Nate Diaz don't even want to be drawn on a computer because they have better things to do. In the 209, people that are illustrated and animated on a computer get slapped. In fact, the first time Nick was supposed to be colored in Adobe Photoshop -- he didn't even show up. If you get too close to cartoon Nick Diaz, he will throw a cartoon water bottle at you. When cartoon Nick Diaz is being illustrated, for some reason all the 'green' in the color palette is always missing.

It's still the first month of 2013 and we already have our first Diaz Brothers cartoon compliments of Prebek. If this pace keeps up throughout the year, then expect a new Diaz cartoon every month until we don't find them funny anymore. Until then, check this newly released episode out.

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