• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Warning: you may be put into a trance by watching the slo-mo blood shoot out of Matt Wiman's nose

TJ Grant put on the best performance by someone named Grant in Chicago since Horace. It was like he was offended at Matt Wiman's sponsor-less shorts and wanted to knock some sense into his opponent. Despite the brutal beating put on Matt Wiman by TJ Grant, I can say that I was backstage during the UFC event in Chicago last night and Wiman was in good spirits following his loss. He just looked a little beat up. But now, to the crux of the article; TJ Grant's elbow to the dome of Matt Wiman that sent a spurt of blood shooting out of the Handsome one's nose. I've probably watched this super high quality .gif 25 times by now if I've watched it once.

Click the read more button to watch the .gif and be mesmerized. Thanks to Tracy Lee for the banner pic.

Thanks to Reddit for finding the .gif!

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