• Written by Bauzen

Mike Swick tries commentating live wildlife attacks in Thailand… and fails.

If Wallid Ismail commentated African Safari shows, it would single-handedly be the greatest thing to hit your television. It could bump Here Comes Honey Boo Boo from its primetime slot, and it would do so with violent disregard. Unfortunately, Wallid is far too busy promoting Jungle Fights and saving Brazilians from a monsoon apocalypse. Instead, we have Mike Swick, who is currently spending some time in Thailand and trying to fill that fictional role I just created in your brains. This whole ‘MMA fighters commentating wildlife shows’ thing probably isn’t going to happen, and I blame Mike Swick for screwing it up for anyone else who wanted to give it a try.

Sure, you could blame the animals, but if it were Wallid holding the iPhone – a bloody mess would have left you ‘scared about nature.'

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