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Demetrious Johnson defends his belt and then plugs Tomb Raider tonight at UFC on FOX 6

Demetrious Johnson defends his belt and plugs Tomb Raider tonight at UFC on FOX 6

For Demetrious Johnson, Micronesia is regular Nesia. According to the dictionary, 'Nesia' isn't even a word. Therefore, a Nesia can only exist if it's micro. If it's not microscopic -- then it's invalid. Technically, a Nesia could have amnesia -- but then no one would even remember it.

It makes you wonder if Demetrious Johnson wasn't a flyweight, would he be a fighter at all? Where in society do 125 lbers fit in? Definitely not the Big and Tall Men's Store. If MMA never existed, no one would know who Demetrious Johnson is -- and quite frankly you would be trolling Reddit instead of this site. MMA has given a place for 125 lbers to do something else besides wear silly mascots in Disneyland.

Judging from Twitter, a few of you had tonight's UFC on FOX main event for John Dodson instead of the reigning champion. Your reasoning (correct me if I'm wrong) is that Dodson won the first three rounds, while DJ convincingly grabbed the final two. Personally, I had it two a piece going into the final round. Regardless of who you thought won is insignificant, however. All three judges gave the bout to Demetrious Johnson and he rules on top of a very condensed, but powerful, division.

Xbox prevailed over Pop Rocks tonight. Live with it.

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