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If you missed Showtime's liverkick KO at UFC on FOX, check it out right here

If you missed Showtime's liverkick KO at UFC on FOX, check it out right here

If you haven't been happily riding the Anthony Pettis hype train like me, well shame on you. Anthony Pettis is the last dragon of the division. Ever since he took out Ben henderson via that now famous Showtime off the cage gravity defying kick, people have been questioning and challenging him as a one kick wonder. He took out ojne of the baddest guys in his divsion with ease-Joe Lauzon. He's already taken out the current champ Ben Henderson. Now he's taken out another very difficult opponent in Cowboy Cerrone. Cowboy has never been KO'd during his UFC career. NEVER that is until tonight.

Showtime Pettis was like the last dragon coming in to show the world he is the true master and destroy the bully Sho nuff and his legacy of running over all competition once and for all. Cowboy Cerrone has always been tough. Always been one of the guys to beat but tonight Pettis made kick work of defeating Cerrone by a few well placed powerful kicks to the body. The damage after tthe first couple of kicks to the body was obvious on Cerrone's face early in the first round of the fight. At one point Pettis even did his signature grafity defying cage walk-this time into a knee that actually landed. Astonishing stuff right there. Cowboy could not dodge a hard Pettis liver kick that made him buckle at the knees and end the fight. Sho-nuff Dana, looks like it's time to give Anthony Showtime Pettis that title shot now.

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