• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Ryan Bader just cleaned The Janitor, and he did it in record time

Not sure what janitors are doing in the octagon competing against MMA fighters, but whatever, we’ll take it. We’re huge fans of people fighting, regardless of their occupations or nicknames.

Alright, Vladimir Matyushenko isn’t really a janitor, well, he used to be, but he isn’t anymore. Back when he first started competing in MMA, he cleaned the gym in return for training there for free because he couldn’t afford the classes. Later on, they say that nickname came from him cleaning peoples’ clocks. Not sure which one of those activities got him that nickname, but unfortunately, all his janitorial experience couldn’t save him from Ryan Bader’s onslaught of overhand rights and inverted guillotines. As amazing as Bader’s performance was, we sincerely hope this isn’t the end of Matyushenko’s career. If it was, we hope other janitors swap their broomsticks for MMA gloves and give us amazing performances like he has for the past decade.

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