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Demetrious Johnson's new Xbox 360 commercial is incredible

Demetrious Johnson's new Xbox 360 commercial is incredible

There’s no way of telling that Demetrious Johnson only weighs 125lbs in this commercial. In actuality, he weighs less than the entertainment center and console he’s playing on, but the genius of advertising is that with the right lighting and special effects, they can make the UFC’s smallest champion look like a solid middleweight.

Despite being half the size of Alistair Overeem, Mighty Mouse is still a UFC champion, and moves faster than most human eyes can follow. Thanks to slow motion technology, you’re able to see him sitting still in this video. If this were filmed outside of a studio, he’d have already beaten the game, did his laundry, read all three Lord of the Rings novels, and defended his title in this same 30 second TV spot. Don’t believe us? Tune in to watch him fight tonight on FX and see for yourself…

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