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The odds are 20-1 in favor of Daniel Cormier this weekend, and he thinks they're 'ridiculous'

I spent the better part of the last half hour trying to compile a bunch of things in life that have 20-1 odds, but Google failed me, which is rare, but still. It failed me. I ended up watching what has been deemed 'the worst music video ever made' twice and then forever had my life altered in a way I never suspected when I saw this video of a creepy kid in Back to the Future III. After watching the creepy kid do the 'come hither' motion about 15 times, I think I finally reached the kind of level of 'whoa' Daniel Cormier was hovering at when he heard he was the 20-1 favorite over Golden Glory/Blackzilian fighter and 35-fight vet Dion Starling. We think it's pretty crazy too. Heavyweights punch really hard (really, really hard) and it only takes one... DC is totally awesome though.

This is what DC had to say to Bloody Elbow's Steph Daniels:

I think that's actually ridiculous. It's pretty disrespectful to Dion, too. This guy has had a long career and fought a lot of people, and for them to just count him out like that is kind of ridiculous. In an MMA fight, all it takes is one punch from a 240 pound man to put you on your ass.

Somewhere it is written that 20-1 odds should always be considered, but I forget where. Maybe the bible.


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